perjantai 5. helmikuuta 2016

My week

So I decided to start writing in English as well. Mainly because right now I need to use the language on daily basis so why not in here as well. I've had the most amazing week so far. This has been everything I've expected and more.
I wake up every morning thinking "Woah, I'm actually here!". And when I'm out walking the horses or doing whatever I do, I sometimes stop for a minute and just stand there trying to deal with my happiness.

On my first actual day I did everything with the Au Pair who's been here for the past 4 months. She's been very kind to me and I've had great time working with her. She also did the first round with me on Wednesday and then it was time for me to take over as she started to prepare her and her horse's travel back to Germany.
So from Wednesday morning on, I've been pretty much on my own. Of course I've had all the help I could imagine. People in here are so helpful and nice. Wherever you go, people are smiling and asking how you're doing and if you need help or anything. This is like a community because there are so many people working here and we see each other many times a day.

So instead of telling about my each day, I decided to make a list of things I've done here so far. And I've only been here for 4 days now so you can imagine how intense it's been.

- Walking horses in and out
- Mucking out
- Feeding the horses
- Learning to drive tractor with poo-picking machinery and emptying the machine
- Learning how to pick up hay bales with tractor and putting them put for horses
- Fixing fences
- Bandaging a hoof
- Trying to learn the names of 17 horses and getting to know them as individuals.
- Learning to drive on the wrong side of road and wrong side of vehicle
- Using a foreign language on daily basis

So far it hasn't been physically exhausting. The first few days were a bit overwhelming but it gets easier every day. Like today I didn't see my employer before afternoon but since I already know mu duties and I know how to handle them I was alright.
Common sense and good motivation are always helpful. My employer was happily surprised as I told her what I had done today, it was very nice.
I've received wonderful feedback and I'm so happy to be here.

Suomennan vaikka huomenna, nyt en jaksa enää ajatella suomea ja nukkumaanmenoaikakin alkaa olla käsillä että jaksaa aamulla taas ponnistaa heposia ruokkimaan!

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  1. Eka ajatus oli että eiiiii, just kun eilen mietin että jatkatkohan blogin kirjoitusta suomeksi vai englanniksi. Mutta sitten kun alkoi lukemaan tota tekstiä, tajusinkin siitä yllättävän paljon :D Tietysti jotain sanoja/lauseita oli mitä en tajunnut, mutta pääpiirteittäin tajusin melkein kaiken. En olis kyllä ikinä uskonu itestäni, että näinkin hyvin ymmärtäisin enkkua :D

    1. Joo en minä tätä ihan englanninkieliseksi oo muuttamassa, on kiva että pääsee käsiksi omaan kieleen tätä raapustellessa :D Noni, iloinen yllätys siis kun tajuaakin jotain, se on aina hieno fiilis kun yllättää itsensä positiivisesti :D